I heard a Christian minister say the other day that the whole reason we are on earth and live our lives is to obtain salvation. He pointed out that it is not to accrue wealth, it is not to become famous among men, it is not to leave behind a legacy when we die, it is none of those things. Purely stated, it is to obtain salvation. From birth to death, it is our task to survive of course. Our environment requires us to eat, sleep, move about and be productive. Accomplishing these endeavors makes us happy. But there is another kind of happiness that we also desire. We define this happiness as love. Love is the feeling in our hearts toward others. From birth, we seek love. It is an attraction to others whom we expect to be attracted to us. Simply, it is our desire to be with and share ourselves with others. Sharing ourselves with others is charity.

Charity is an act of love toward others. It is an act of love or affection, the feeling of goodwill and benevolence toward others. There are many ways to be charitable such as kindness or leniency in judging others. By withholding negative feelings about someone whom you believe has caused you harm is charitable. The voluntary giving of one’s personal belongings or money to help those in need is charity. Help or money given to an institution, organization or fund, is a type of charity. The love of God for humanity is the ultimate divine charity. He owes us nothing but gives us everything. His charity engulfs all of humanity. To be charitable is to be in God’s image and likeness.

Eating, sleeping, living our lives and being productive beings are fundamental, physical ways to be happy. We all should work to gain the things needed for our own personal happiness. However, happiness leading to eternal salvation requires another kind of happiness. Love in the form of charity, leads us to a higher level of happiness, which is closer to the perfect love that God has for us. His love is the ultimate charity toward us. His acts of love and therefore our acts of love, in charity, lead us to the true goal of salvation. The goal that God deeply wants for all of us.

But, with all of this you may ask, why does God want every one of us to be happy? The answer is, in one part, He wants us to be eternally happy with Him in heaven. The second part of this is that He created us and loves us. Just as we love our offspring that we created, so also God loves us. So also we give to our family. He created us in his own image and likeness. Like Him, we all experience love, but God’s love is perfect which we can only partially understand. Of course we have to do things to survive and we are right in enjoying our lives, but charity is a part of that. We do understand charity that we possess as love for others and there are many ways to be charitable.

This winter, like all winters, is a time to have charity for our less fortunate sisters and brothers. Throughout the world there are people who are homeless. They depend on others to survive the elements of winter. Arizona attracts many homeless people to seek shelter because the winters are less severe than other places in America. Nevertheless, the needs of these homeless people are still many. For the second year in a row, the ChristianityKeptSimple,com website, in coordination with the Knights of Columbus, has sponsored a “GoFundMe” Charity to provide for the homeless. This charity works with  theAndre House of Hospitality”, the largest homeless provider in the Phoenix area. This year, we would like to share with our subscribers, the opportunity to contribute to “Winter Warmth for Homeless People”.

Andre House, Phoenix

Please make a donation of any amount by clicking here: GoFundMe. Also go to the Andre House underlined link to see what is provided and the programs that are provided. The Andre House is a year round facility and you can donate to help with their needs any time. It has generously been given space by the City of Phoenix, Arizona where some homeless live in make shift shelters.

Make Shift Shelters
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