The One Truth

All Christians believe that at the end of time Jesus will return and bring eternal life to all who have lived on earth. That is to be saved by Jesus Christ and be raised from the dead and given life with him in heaven. Jesus tells us in the Bible with emphasis, that the way to achieve salvation is to love God with our whole heart our whole soul, our whole mind and all our strength. And to love others as we love ourselves. This is stated in Matthew 22: 37, Mark 12:30   and Luke 10:27. It is easy to see from these passages that we can only achieve salvation through Jesus Christ. These two statements incorporate all ten commandments handed down to Moses in the Old Testament by God. The first three commandments are about our love for God. The last seven are about loving others. Keeping Gods commandments makes us perfect so that we may see God. The Holy Spirit bestows Grace upon those who follow the words of Jesus and keep God’s Commandments.

By far the Catholic Religion is the most possible way to do as Jesus tells us. To be Catholic is to have many more ways to do as Jesus tells us. In the Bible, (Luke 22: 19-20), At the last supper, Jesus gives us his body and blood transubstantiated from bread and wine, to remember him. Attending Mass and receiving Communion is the ultimate human act to receive God’s grace. Being Catholic is the only way to enjoy this real Communion with Jesus through the transubstantiation* of bread and wine into his Body and Blood. It is available every day of the year.

Catholicism also is the only Religion made up of direct descendants of the Apostles whom Jesus gave the power to forgive sin in his name (John 20: 20-23). Only the Catholic Church provides these ways and many others to achieve the grace needed for salvation. In addition, the Catholic Church brings adoration, praise and glorification of God dating back to the original Church that goes far beyond any other religion. Only Catholics believe in the Holy Spirit, the Holy Catholic Church, the Communion of Saints the Forgiveness of Sins, The Resurrection of the Dead and the Life of the World to come.

In conclusion, all human beings who desire salvation and eternal life in heaven have the best chance to do so through Jesus Christ. The only sure way to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ is through his original Church the Catholic Church. Maybe it is possible to achieve salvation and heaven by practicing other Christian Religions or just believing in reading the Bible and living a good life. However for all forms of non-Catholic Christian Religions, logic dictates that this is like picking up a Mathematics book, reading it and then expecting to be a Mathematician. Surely some math will be known but without traditional guidance a weak Mathematician at best will be the only result. For those who are serious about salvation, the word “maybe” in front of salvation is not a good option. To have true peace of mind and know that you are on the right path to heaven is to be Catholic.


*Webster’s New World Dictionary: Christianity To change the substance of (the Eucharistic bread and wine) into the body and blood of Jesus.

Multitudes of different religions create multitudes of different answers to salvation. There is only one truth however. Future posts will broaden the understanding of the one truth.


Ephesians 1:1 Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

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