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This repost of the first Christianity Kept Simple website explains, on a simple level, the need for God. Following posts will bring understanding to those who desire to know God and bring Him into their lives.

“In the beginning”. The Holy Bible starts with these three words. Believers in God believe that this is when the world began. For non-believers the beginning is a phenomenon with several possible answers. The basis of believing in God or not, starts with the question of, When did we begin and how did we begin?

The Bible goes on to detail how God created all things. It says He created all things in six days and rested on the seventh day. Non-believers will say that the beginning, whenever it was and how it began, just happened and took a lot of time.

So what is the answer? It is for each one of us to decide. There are three choices:

  1. To believe there is a God.
  2. To not know what to believe.
  3. To not believe there is a God.

There is a simple way to decide what to believe. In a single word the answer is “Love”. Love is the universal emotion that resolves all issues in life. It begins with self love. It extends naturally to love of others. All living things experience love. Even the universe is held together by physical attraction of one body to another. Good and evil both depend on love.  Simply stated, because we love ourselves, we choose to believe in and love God.

The logical answer is (1). The belief in God extends love and makes it eternal. The belief in God is to desire eternal life. It is this belief that frees us from death and completes the desire to love. In this way God created us and all things and bonded them with love.

This does not mean that answers (2) and (3) do not include love. It only means that they do not know love. To choose to believe in God is to want to share in his eternal Love. To choose not to believe in God or to not know what to believe is to live without the desire to share God’s eternal Love. Choosing to believe in God is to have true Self Love.

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