The Scattered Flock

“Even though it says in the Bible that divorce is wrong, our God is very forgiving and if you are unhappy you can divorce and God will forgive you.” These are the words I heard a protestant minister on the radio say to a caller.

I saw a friend reading his bible while exercising at the health club. When I asked what he was reading he said to me, “We are all saved because Jesus died for our sins.”

Another time, I heard a preacher on the radio say, “Jesus has already dealt with the sins we will commit tomorrow.”

Yet another day on the radio I listened as a preacher said there is no need to waste time confessing your sins, just praise the Lord, he will take care of you.

Indeed there are those, even some Catholics, who believe abortion in not murder, yet claim to believe in Jesus Christ. Still others promote same sex marriage.

Oppositely, there are other Religions, not just Catholic, who profess that divorce is wrong, abortion is murder, marriage is a sacred commitment between one man and one woman and  salvation must be earned not simply handed out as a gift. They also believe we must pray for God’s forgiveness as we confess our sins to him.

All of these beliefs are the result of readings taken from the same Bible. How then can Christianity be explained as the true Religion of the true God when there is no consistency in the teachings? Why do we hear different stories from each of the thousands of denominations and non-denominations, as they proclaim, “Come to my church, follow me, I know the best way to salvation?” Did Jesus in his time on earth deliver to us a smorgasbord of choices to attain salvation? Is the Bible a menu provided for many from which to pick and choose whatever suits us???  I think not. In parables,

Jesus; the Good Shepherd, provided one path to follow and one pasture for his flock. His flock as it grew began to call itself the Catholic Church. However the flock from the beginning has been under the attack of the beast. Jesus explains this to us in the parable of the sower. Relentless effort was always and continues today to scatter the flock. I have heard some say that God would not permit such an attack. But did not the beast attack even Jesus himself, falsely promising Jesus our Lord and Savior glorious riches after Jesus had fasted 40 days and 40 nights? What would make anyone think that the beast would not attack his church and attempt to scatter his flock?

Jesus says in the Gospel of Matthew 9: 37-38. “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Therefore beseech the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into His harvest.” He sees the many harassed and dejected, wandering and aimless like sheep without a guiding shepherd. So then it is our duty even more today as believers to give help to the Lord by following and bringing the flock back to his pasture.

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