“How can God let that happen?”

Of course God is an all-powerful and all loving creator. The most frequent comment I hear and read about with that in mind is, “How can God let that happen?” I hear also many excellent responses to that question from religious leaders. Often times though I think it leaves me and others with some doubt.

The answer to this question from my perspective is very fundamental. It begins in the beginning. God created Adam and Eve in his own image and likeness. They had souls.They like him were without sin in the beginning. They did not know suffering. They did not experience pain. They lived in the Garden of Eden: a perfect world. They unfortunately were tempted by the devil and committed sin.

God seeing that mankind committed sin, took away the perfect place he created for Adam and Eve.  He sent them to the world with the devil where pain, suffering and death were the punishment they had earned. All of their offspring had the stain of their original sin on their souls and that punishment.

Because of this we live in a world where many tragedies and unhappy experiences happen. It was not the will of God that any of this should happen but because of the human weakness to sin we all must suffer. God is all powerful and all loving but he is also all just.

The good news however is that God did not abandon us his children. On this earth he gave us the chance to redeem ourselves and still achieve the original goal of eternal life with him in heaven. Not only that, but he did not expect us to suffer and be under the constant temptation that the devil forces on us while he stands by.  He sent himself in the form of Jesus “God the Son” who suffered and died as we all must do. He sent his son to show us the light and the way.

When we see the tears and the hurt from the suffering and tragedies that happen in this world, we should think about how Jesus’ Mother Mary stood at the foot of the cross and endured the tears and hurt watching her Son die an hideous death. Know then that when we suffer, when unbelievable tragedies and sufferings happen, God knows what our suffering is and has mercy on our souls.

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