The title of this writing is a reference to Immigration. The word immigration, according to Webster’s dictionary, means: “travel into a country for the purpose of permanent residence there”. Immigration is very active in the world today. People in many countries are on the move. Some of them are escaping from oppression. Others are trying to avoid starvation. Many are running away from wars. There are many risks for those who attempt to immigrate from their native country to another. In general, countries do not allow free immigration to their country except on a controlled basis. Countries, like Canada, welcome people into their country. That’s because Canada is one of the largest countries in land area and has low population. Other countries allow limited amounts of people to legally immigrate to their country because it is beneficial to their economy.

The Great Melting Pot

The United States has always allowed numbers of immigrants into this country. America is known as “the great melting pot”, because it is a land of immigrants. The Native Americans, who occupied this land before us, were overrun by immigrants who have almost eliminated the indigenous people. The Americas are now a land occupied by non-indigenous people through immigration and attrition.The desire of immigrants to come into the United States today continues in earnest.

A New Land Today

With the many people who are coming legally to the United States, there are thousands of others who risk life and limb to illegally invade the country. Their hope is the same as it was for those who originally came to this country. It is still the land of opportunity and fosters for many, the “American Dream.” However, it is no longer a land sparsely populated, with wide open spaces, where anyone can claim for themselves a new beginning. It is a land with a well-established government. It is a land with laws that prohibit unlawful entry. In the beginning of the Americas, the only laws were survival of the fittest. It is not the same for the illegal immigrants of today.

Immigrants, who enter legally, are welcomed to America. Since 1990 it is estimated that the numbers who enter the country illegally is about the same as those who have entered  legally even though many are gathered and deported soon after they arrive. Some illegal immigrants do make it. But once in the United States, their quest for a better life is not easy. Being outside the law, makes their dreams melt so that they experience the “American Dream” in quite a different way. It is a life of hiding, staying invisible to the law and often becoming victims of exploitation and crime. They dream of someday being excused of their actions, but their chances are not good.

There is much debate today in the United States about immigration and how to deal with it. Some believe that all peoples should be welcomed to our country because it is how America became great. Others believe that America is already great and controlling immigration is the way to make America great again. But let us look to the future of our country and what the long-term possibilities of immigration, free and prohibited, will mean to us and our children.

Eliminating Border Control

The population of Mexico now is about 127 million people.  As of 2017, The population of the United States was 328 million people. By eliminating all immigration restrictions along the border of Mexico, 30 million people could enter the US within 5 years. It is difficult now and will be impossible then, for the government to regulate and assimilate that number of people. Unlike normal population growth, governments would not be able to react to increases needed in law enforcement, food distribution or other social mechanisms. There could be chaos in the streets with rioting and vigilante law. In this scenario, the population of Mexico would drop dramatically, and the population of the US would spring upward to about 360 million people. Most of those who enter the U.S. would settle somewhere in southwestern states. Fewer would move across the United States to other states. Given citizenship, America, as we know it, would undergo dramatic change. The insurgence of many peoples with different ideals and philosophies would have an impact on how government operates. American democracy could not continue to exist as we know it. The result would not cause America to be great again, it would cause America not to be America. Mexico would be adversely affected as well by economic losses. Mexico, ironically, could be the one to decide to build a border wall.

Fixing the Issues

If immigration is maintained in a reasonable way, the government will be able to control its growth rate as it builds its infrastructure in a timely manner. People who relocate to the US, will seamlessly integrate into the country. They will pursue the American Dream, once they arrive, just as many before them have done. They will be delighted to partake in Making America Great Again.

Immigration is a natural process of people seeking happy a  living on earth. Thomas Jefferson Wrote:  “Under the law of nature, all men are born free, every one comes into the world with a right to his own person, which includes the liberty of moving and using it at his own will. This is what is called personal liberty, and is given him by the author of nature, because necessary for his own sustenance.” The United States is an example of how freedom of immigration can build a great country in a primitive land. Uncontrolled immigration will have an adverse effect on an established, civilized country. The correct answer for the United States is to work with Mexico to increase the allowed amount of immigrants and  enforce immigration laws while reducing the desire for people to illegally enter the United States.

There is a need for the people in the United States to be taught the benefits of immigration and to develop a united approach to this issue.

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    July 11, 2018

    The ONLY period in recent times that the US allowed unrestricted immigration was fro about 1895 to 1915 (my dates may be off). This was the time when immigrants were allowed to enter bearing tags that read “WOP”, without passport. And evn then those who were sick or mentally deficient were sent back. This whole so called open borders movement is pure treason. We have the unrestricted roght to control our borders and who we allow to cross. It os past time to round them all up and send them back! All the illegals, including the dreamers.

    • February 25, 2020

      I know this is late but the issue is burning out of control up to the minute. Recently I watched episodes from the History channel about George Washington and the founders of our country. If today they could see this country, they would say we are still fighting for independence. To open our doors to all who wish to come in would be the ultimate defeat in our struggle to be independent. The current President understand this. I shudder to think of what will prevail when he is gone. A final thought: Humanitarian efforts to aid, feed and comfort those who are standing at the doors are valent, however they are also an encouragement for more to come.

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