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I have been a member of Facebook and enjoyed communicating with relatives, friends, acquaintances and others for many years. It is a marvelous way to stay in touch and pass time during idle moments in my life. It truly keeps in mind those that I would have forgotten by now. With Facebook I can keep up with and cherish every one I have friended or been friended by. But there is also a huge downside to Facebook. Many of the postings I see daily on Facebook are targeted. These are posts that attempt to steer and direct peoples thinking in some specific way. This is not always bad, but the main issue I have is that it comes largely from unsubstantiated media information. Much of it is subjective “Spin”. Some of it is outright lies. I write this because I do check out the sources of the information from time to time.

Based on this, I suggest to all who post on Facebook; check your source before you post a personal or media rant. Go to the site, see if they have data to support their claim. Especially watch for keywords like, “most people,” “it is understood,” “sources say,” and generalities like that. As I learned in engineering. “Without real data to support your claim, you are just another opinion.” And we all know what opinions are worth.

Because I am a Christian and a Catholic one at that, I offer these websites to my Facebook friends as places where you can find good information based on fact, for the most part. The easiest way to access them is to subscribe to their email distribution and that way you don’t have to seek them out. They come to you. You can read them or skip them; No pressure, very little spin. Here are a few sources that I use:

Life News:

New Advent:

Catholic Answers:

The Eternal World Television Network “EWTN”

Other websites that can be used for fact checking are:



Tech Norms:

You will find many revealing and interesting factual accounts at these websites. However, even though these sites are fact based, they still need to be checked for accuracy if you doubt the source. The best rule that I use before I post anything is, “When in doubt, throw it out.” Just like the famous recycle phrase. When we repost, it is a form of recycling. There are many other well intended websites of course but please check them out and accordingly use them. If you rely on any truly worthwhile websites, please be so kind as to let me know.




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