is it real?

Is it time to make the assertion that the current world conditions, situation and dilemma may be the beginning of something far greater than a temporary health issue? Would it be too bold to ask you, “When last did you wash your hands?”

These two questions point to the heading of this post. No one has seriously addressed the possibilities of what is going to happen to in the conclusion of the Corona Virus health threat. Like many viruses, it attacks everyone and kills those who are weak in some way and unable to survive it.


When the spread of the virus, now called COVID-19 or China Virus was first announced, immediate panic set in across the world because there was so little known about it. Numbers of first reported, gave everyone pause to the idea, we are all going to die. The knee jerk reaction was, “Everyone is going to get the disease and if you get the disease, you’re dead.” But this soon turned out to be, it’s just another virus we will have to handle.

Thoughts of disaster and worldwide turmoil persist in the minds of many people. Stores that supply staples, like groceries and dry goods have been picked clean. Where there were abundant supplies and full shelves, there are now bare shelves everywhere. The idea that the disease is going to cause breakdowns in the structure of society has given way to all out self-protection. Since it appears that the instinct to self-protect exists in all of us, we tend to do things like hoarding supplies. The idea that we must save ourselves and to hell with everyone else, has prevailed in the minds of a lot of people.

We now live in the information age. Knowledge of events in the world are made known to us all, in some cases, as they are happening. Due to our excellent technology, we learn daily, the progress of the COVID-19. We have learned that not everyone dies who contracts the disease. The vast number of people who get ill, will eventually recover. Steps are being taken to provide medical resources for the elderly and weak, who without medical assistance, would succumb to the disease.

The governments around the world have communicated well, working to stop the spread of the virus. They are learning how to control it and most importantly, us. It has been hammered into us to take steps to avoid the disease right from the start. Trained medical people have informed us to “wash our hands frequently.” Other steps like wearing a mask in public and keeping a 6-foot distance when around other people, are constantly broadcast. Stores, shops and gathering places have been closed or cancelled to keep people from transmitting the disease. From the standpoint of the Americas, our lives and the way we live, have been shut down. Communication with others is primarily through electronic devises such as the telephone and internet. Financial institutions have crashed in the wake of all the changes. People, dependent on weekly income, are without means to survive if it comes to be a long haul.

The end game:

Despite all this, no one considers the situation as dire and the end of the world. I frequently hear comments that the virus is temporary and there have been other pandemics throughout history. Everyone wants to put a positive spin on the future. A few days ago, I heard a prominent financial forecaster say, the world as we know it will never be the same. He meant that businesses and investors were learning new ways to make money. He also was indicating that the old ways were going away forever. He was not predicting doom.

But, looming in the future is the uncertain end of the corona virus pandemic. No one yet has come forth with a rock-solid forecast of the future. We are all hunkered down in our bubbles, waiting for the sun to shine on us again. We all sit now in the black hole of the future. When will we turn out the lights at night and sleep comfortably knowing that tomorrow is just another day? Will there be a new drug that ends the virus just as we have with other viruses? As the days click by, one by one and the toll of casualties rises, we have to wonder, will we just be forced to take our licks and someday emerge as survivors? Or will the economic disaster ultimately cause wars to end the world after all?

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