Jesus Christ Resurrected

This repost is a summary of the previous three reposts, shown on the front page of the Christianity Kept Simple Blog. It shows us the step by step process whereby Jesus Christ is the only logical choice to believing in God.

Repost 1 “In the Beginning”) We love ourselves and want to live forever. To believe in and love God is the hope for eternal     life.

Repost2 “I believe in God”) Choosing a way to believe in and love God through learning what others have taught us.

Repost 3 “The Prophets of Religion”) Since learning about God comes mostly from other men called prophets; the only logical choice is Christianity.

Christianity, the focus of this website, is by far the most widespread Religion in the world. Jesus Christ brought Christianity to the world by his death and resurrection into heaven. He left behind twelve men, called Apostles and other disciples. These few men miraculously spread the message of Jesus Christ throughout the world all while facing incredible odds against them. All but one of the twelve were martyred. Simple men, they helped to create the Bible, a library of teachings by which Christians now learn about how Jesus taught us to love. Others who never saw Jesus but who chose to believe also spread the religion and many have also lost their lives in so doing.

In the world today, the teachings of Christianity are still being spread and the message of Loving, Believing and Choosing Christ grows stronger and stronger in the hearts of men and women. Christianity is a religion that is given freely to those who want to believe. It is there for all to have. No one is forced to believe.


Following posts will look at what Christianity means today and the most credible way to believe in The promise of eternal life through Jesus Christ.

May the grace of God be always with you.

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