LGBT and Beyond

In the beginning God created Man and then Woman as man’s companion it is written in the Christian Bible. Western civilization and more recently, man has created an organization labeled as LGBT. It is an acronym as most everyone knows. The LGBT organization stands in opposition to the bible tradition of one man and one-woman society. Through constant demands by way of the media, it has caused a restructuring of modern laws and beliefs in western civilization.

The first letter L represents the word lesbian. Lesbian (circa 1567) according to Webster’s dictionary is defined as; of or relating to homosexuality between females. Homosexuality (circa 1892) is defined as: sexual activity with another of the same sex. Thus, lesbians are women who have sexual desires or relations with other women.

The second letter G refers to the word gay. Gay (circa 1300) in the Webster dictionary is defined as: happily excited or merry. It has been transmuted from this definition to homosexuality in men. Gays are men and at times women who have sexual desires or relations with others of like sex.

The third letter B represents those who are bisexual (circa 1973). Webster’s dictionary defines bisexual as someone who has both genders in their physical structures. But in the sense of the LGBT organization it refers mainly to, of relating to, people who are sexually attracted to members of both sexes or engaging in sexual activity with partners of more than one gender.

The last letter in the LGBT acronym; T, represents the word trans-gender. In the Webster dictionary Transgender (circa 1974) is defined as, being a person whose gender identity (circa 1964) differs from the natural, physical gender the person had or was identified as having at birth.

According to Wikipedia, a growing popular variant adds the letter Q for those who identify as queer or are questioning their sexual identity; LGBTQ has been reported since 1996. All listed behaviors described in the LGBTQ acronym are defined as aberrant (abnormal).

My first encounter with aberrant behavior in people was in the 1960s when I met a man who tried to physically touch me in my genital area. At that time, it was clearly recognized as a disorder of the mind. There was no movement to justify aberrant behavior. Then, and still today, unwanted physical, sexual contact of any kind is considered unlawful and immoral. I was a teenager. My father told me to stay away from that man; nothing more. I saw that man as seriously mentally ill. It was a time when men were men, women were women, and there were few exceptions.

Evolution of the Mind

Western society; the United States and the Americas, North and South, for the most part, were built on Judeo-Christian philosophy. Principles, laws and common beliefs of the bible have been practiced and used to guide society and governments in most of the western world. Over time, liberal thinking has crept into the structure of western laws and beliefs. Liberalism as it is called, is the idea that what is right or wrong is in the eye of the beholder. What is right or wrong for one person may not be right or wrong for the next person. To believe that there is a set of God given or natural laws handed down through sacred tradition is no longer accepted as the legal standard. Rapidly, laws are being enacted that prohibit traditional thinking or traditionalism and being replaced by liberalism. Liberalism has become the new standard of thought. As a result, if a person believes that lesbians, gays, bisexuals, trans-genders or others, are acceptable and right, then no other laws supersede that person’s right to believe as he chooses. Moral laws and beliefs become irrelevant.

Expansion of the Divide

Laws are now being passed in favor of liberal ideas including the so-called normalization of LGBT positions. Foremost in this thinking is marriage between two people of the same sex. It opposes the traditional belief that marriage is only valid between one man and one woman. Proponents of same sex marriage are on the offensive demanding equal treatment with traditional marriage. With few exceptions, Christian churches have refused to marry any couple other than a man and a woman. Recently Catholic Bishops, have stated that, at the point of death, a partner of a same sex non-religious marriage, will be barred from receiving sacraments such as Marriage, The Eucharist and Last Rites. The Catholic Church bases its beliefs from its founder, Jesus Christ who lived over 2000 years ago. These beliefs are increasingly coming under attack by the liberal media. Legal actions against the Catholic church and Catholic believers are becoming frequent.

Over the Top

Other liberal, non-traditional, anti-Christian actions are forthcoming that will widen the division between traditional and liberal thinking. There are laws in some states, that provide capabilities for marriage to more than two persons. It has recently been reported in the USA Today and Washington Post that there are cases of fathers marrying sons, mothers marrying daughters and seemingly unlimited permutations of legal marriage. Liberalization of our society has shown to be a threat to traditional philosophy that has been the foundation of the principles and stability of the western civilization. The media (world reporting system) has promoted a liberal agenda to tear down traditional and Christian philosophies as we move into the twenty first century. More and more, tradition and belief in God are being removed from the western world philosophies accelerating the forward movement into a secular (non-religious) world. Additionally, it is long in practice to eliminate those deemed undesirable before they are born. A move is afoot against the sick and those in the latter years of life to be removed before they become a burden to society. The traditions of the bible that have provided mankind great wealth and social growth through successful long happy lives are now thought to be wasteful excess.

The Final Countdown

It has been said that the bible describes mankind from beginning and envisions its end., It is difficult to deny that the prophesies of the bible will not also be fulfilled. with the progression of mankind we are observing now. It is the natural feeling in most humans that there is a creator. The bible supports and advances this human need for a supreme being, maker of all things. Non-believers say the bible is nothing more than a fictional story book. They feel that our liberal direction will result in a utopian society heading toward perpetual self-happiness. There are efforts now to seek immortality through technology. If there is any credence to the belief that there is no God, then maybe someday the Star Trek chronicles will become the predictor of our existence. Science fiction writers will in retrospect, become the true profits while the bible gathers dust in some long forgotten historical library.

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    It’s only through prayer that we are sure that this can never happen. Those of us who have faith know.

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