The Potential Energy of Faith

Recently I heard an atheist say, “give me one piece of evidence that there is a God”. The radio host seemed to fumble with his response. I was surprised that an apologist would not have a pat answer for that statement. My answer to that would be, “Give me evidence that there is no God. When you are dealing with the non-physical nature of a question it cannot be answered with physical evidence.” Athiest’s think purely in physical terms. In other words, if they can’t see it, touch it, hear it, smell it or taste it, it must not exist. To believe in God one must go beyond the physical to the spiritual belief that there are more than the physical senses that God has given us. There is another sense that we have that gives us reason to believe in God. I call it love.

All living creatures love from birth. The first reaction to physical stimulus is love: the first breath of life feels good, therefore another breath is taken. An eye opens and sees: it imprints with love. Each of the physical senses react with physical love. But only humans react with love beyond physical stimulus. Human love happens also with non-physical awareness. For example: My dog loves me because I feed her and pet her. My dog barks and growls at anyone else. I love other humans and life I have never met.  because I choose to love them even though I have never met them.

Humans love not only as a reaction to physical stimulus but to non physical belief. This is faith. It is in us from birth. It is potential energy, like a charged battery. When the battery is connected to a light bulb it becomes kinetic energy, light comes forth.  In humans, the potential energy is belief. When we are connected to religion the energy becomes faith and the light comes forth. How do we get this energy? Why don’t any other creatures have it? That is how we know there is God.

All the good in the world today comes from belief turned into faith in God. If that belief fades and humans cease to have faith, just as the battery is disconnected from the light bulb, the world will fade into darkness.

Look around you Mr. Atheist. You can see Faith.

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