Let’s Be Safe

We all, can help to be safer right now by simply saying “Be Safe” to one another. Each time I part company with anyone, instead of saying “Have a great day” etc., I say or include the words “Be Safe”. It means keep your eyes open. Immediately, I see it in people’s eyes when I say it. It’s a reminder to them and also to me each time I say it. If you don’t already, try it. Say “Be Safe.”

The world is in a state of controlled chaos now. Belief in God has been tossed by the wayside in some cases and in other cases it has become a sense of false rationalism. Terrorism tops the list of insane activities occurring daily in our lives. Some of the justification for this hides behind the cloak of religious righteousness. Some of it has no moniker at all and is purely diabolical. In the United States, some say there is a potent threat of revolution, once again based on governmental abuse and racial bias. This country and the world appears to be headed into an era of social degradation and individualism where everyone must look out for themselves. Most of the civilized world has been sitting comfortably with people feeling safe in their homes, at ease on the street and with the ability to freely travel most anywhere.

But things are rapidly changing. I don’t think people yet are aware the of impending dangers that they will be facing in the near times. But they are coming and it is present for some even now. I listened to a prominent radio personality, a few days ago, put forth the idea that it would be prudent to cancel World Youth Day, which is being held in Poland. They expect 500,000 people including the Pope and there may be grave danger. This kind of thinking is on the forefront of what lies in store for us. Instead of going out and living as we always have, people are beginning to think twice about where they go and what the risks are. The sad part of this is that we are losing the freedom we have, for so long enjoyed.

There is also a positive side to this possible eventuality. If society learns to avoid risk and learns to stay out of the crosshairs, those who wish to create chaos, will ultimately have no means to do so. This sounds extreme but in the end, those who disrupt will bring about their own defeat. The most effective way this can happen is through education. A national program to teach people to be aware of the dangers they face is needed. One example of how this works is the “Called to Protect Program” of the Catholic church. In the 1960’s and 70’s, it was expected that a religious organization as well respected as the Catholic church was the safest place a child could be. But it wasn’t true.

The Catholic church is made up of human beings no different from any other organization. It was and will always be an organization of imperfect humans. That all were trusted as if they were in the hands of God was not the truth. Abuses were committed and in the end change was urgently needed. The “Called to Protect Program”, implemented by the United States Council of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), in union with the Holy See, has made great strides in making the church a model of organizational integrity. It does this in two basic ways. 1. It informs individuals about what is morally and legally acceptable in ministries and 2. It promotes awareness to the actions of others and what to do about it. Training in this program is for every person involved in church activity. This training is to be annually renewed.

All of us, have a serious need to protect ourselves in our environment against the threat of violence. The solution can be in the education and training of all to protect ourselves and make our lives safe. The US Government should put forth training for every American to accomplish. It should include an annual renewal as well. During the cold war the government put programs on television and in schools to teach everyone in the country how to react during a nuclear attack. Some of us remember the “Duck and Roll” videos on TV. Safe environment training should be easily done with all the forms of media today . A simple note to your congressman can go a long way toward enlightening them about this idea. They can start an awareness program possibly called “Be Safe and Win”. It is a world war now and together we will win it.

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