The Finger of Blame

There is a great deal of discussion today about the latest mass killing at the High School in Florida. It turns out that the school did not take enough precautions to prevent the death or injury of over thirty people. There was an armed guard outside the school who failed to respond to the killer. The saddest part of the story is that it’s not the only case of this nature and most likely not the last. The focus of the discussion is why it happened and how to stop future massacres like it. Many people are demanding gun control. Ideas ranging from gun control to blaming the President of the United States are part of a national outrage. All of it is conjecture. The same finger pointing accusations come out out each time one of these outrageous, school shootings happen. Even more deplorable, our government has done very little up to this point.
Another part of these massacres is that no one knows when or where it could happen next. It is getting to the point where everyone realizes that next time it could be them. I worry about my children when they go to school now. Is the next maniac killing going to happen in my neighborhood? The answer is yes, it could be. The United States is the leader the world leader in school massacres. It is our problem.

As I write this blog, there are factories building weapons by the hundreds right now. You can go to any major stores that sell weapons and find numerous models on the shelves for sale. These weapons, mainly guns, over time get better and better at what they do: kill. They are not difficult to obtain. As shown in Florida as well as the Las Vegas massacre, we know that unstable persons have easy access to obtain guns and cause havoc on society. It doesn’t take a prophet to predict that it is going to get worse until something is done.

The United States is the leading country with guns per capita in the world. according to wikipedia. These statistics show that there are more than 300 million guns in this country and that’s a conservative estimate. If every gun producing factory in the world were shut down right now, it would be meaningless. But what if that could be done? What if every gun out there now could be taken away? Would that solve the problem? Would all the unstable people in the world suddenly be safe without a way to “wreak havoc” on society? The answer is no, it would not reduce the number of unstable, homicidal people. Chances are they would find other ways. The U.S. Constitution ensures that we have the right to bear arms. The founders made this right to prevent governments from supreme control over the people. It would have to be revised to eliminate one of our basic rights. Many countries have banned citizens from owning weapons. History shows that countries such as China, Turkey and several others with bans on weapons have conducted mass eliminations of millions of people at their discretion. Overall crime has in fact increased in countries after they have enacted strict gun laws.

What if all the unstable people could be identified? Do you think that would solve the issue? I believe it would. But unfortunately, there are major problems also with that. Who is going to point the finger at whom to say this one or that one is unstable? We are unhappy with the way our country is run now. Just imagine if there was a branch of the government that could get you put away based on some bureaucratic watchdog set of rules. Having worked with the US Census Bureau, I can tell you that it is not possible to categorize the entire population of the country.

So, the finger pointing goes on. In a practical sense we cannot control people and we cannot take away guns and other weapons. But there are answers. The first step is to commit to finding them. The Congress of the United States needs to get busy; right now. There are great minds in this country who can provide answers. Until we stop blaming one another and start working together nothing will get done. Until the Congress stops fighting within itself, there will be no solution.
Law enforcement agencies need to be key players in the equation. I have heard statements that do make sense. One giant step is to see that there are laws preventing people that have not achieved the age of 21 to have access to weapons of mass destruction. This isn’t gun control, this is maturity control. Stricter penalties for violations will make this law effective. If the Florida killer had not been able to obtain a weapon, no one would have died there. The age to have access to safely obtain weapons should not be 21, it should be 25. Lack of stability is the reason that Auto Insurance rates drop drastically when people reach the age of 25. Car rental agencies do not rent cars to individuals until they are over 25. People convicted with felony crimes need to be restricted at least seven years after the conviction. Another good reason to restrict people under 25 is that their school experiences are long behind them and old scars will have had time to heal. The individuals they want to attack will no longer all be in a convenient location.

Still, there is no perfect solution. There may never be. Our secular society has greatly diminished the moral aspect of maintaining a safe environment. Relative morality has caused even normal, stable people to believe that what benefits them is what matters regardless of how it affects others. A major stumbling block in seeking decency is the lack of belief in God as the creator. People say they are religious but the God they most adore is a piece of paper with a picture of George Washington on it. Many people in Congress claim to be Christian, when it comes to making decisions about our country they go the way the money flows, which is often not the Christian way. Thus, guns keep rolling off the line, crazies keep walking the streets and massacres continue to happen.

Finally, there are many, myself included, who do believe that an answer lies in believing in God. Through prayer, we can achieve a safe environment in our country. Let us pray and pray every day that a solution will come about. Pray for our schools. Pray for our government and pray for our country. Belief in God is what has made America great. Through Him, we can keep it great.

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