Why Donald Trump?                    

1.       He’s 69 years old. He’s seen where America has been. He sees where it’s going. Like others his age, we don’t like what we see. Younger people simply don’t know.

2.       He cares about America more than any other candidate. He doesn’t need to be President. He has all he needs. How many other billionaires are running for President? He’s told us he wants to make America great again. That’s the definition of a conservative.

3.       When the twin towers were destroyed, many people said we’ll never rebuild them. I heard Donald Trump say, Oh yes we will. He knows what America is capable of.

4.       When Donald Trump was a young man, he saw John Kennedy point our weapons at Russia. We did not back down then. Today we negotiate ad nauseam. Donald Trump is disgusted. So am I. Today anti-Americans laugh at us, Korea, Iran, Iraq, Russia, Cuba, ISIS, Al Qaeda and others.

5.       Donald Trump and Older Americans believe in upholding the law. Laws that are not upheld are useless. It is against the law to enter the country illegally. It is a violation of federal immigration law to remain in the country without legal authorization, Illegal immigrants are criminals by being in this country.  Donald Trump wants to make our country strong by upholding our laws.


What would any businessman say about this?
What would any businessman say about this?



6. The Mexican government has done little to stop illegal migration of their people. If they have to help, illegal migration will stop. Making them pay to help build a wall, could lead to not needing a wall.              

7.  Donald Trump beats his own drum. He does not have to kneel in front of someone to get funding. i.e. Planned Parenthood/Barack Obama.

8.  God’s chosen people were given the promised land. They had to fight to get it and to keep it, even today. We need to pray constantly and ask God to help us. It does not mean we have to lay down and be trampled. Donald Trump is far from a prophet, but he is a step toward making America a strong country once again. He may be flamboyant, he may be a rabble rouser, but he has enough answers that make sense to be President.

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