Truth about Lies

The First Lie

“In the beginning” the Bible starts. It tells us how we began, why we began and how to live to achieve salvation. We believe it is created by God through divine revelation. It starts with the story of how man committed the first sin, an offense against God and how the first man and woman fell from grace. The first woman Eve and the first man Adam, were tricked into committing the first sin by a lie. They were convinced by the greatest master of Lies, Satan, to commit what is known today as “Original Sin”. This act of sin, offended God so severely, that he removed Adam and Eve from paradise and condemned them and all mankind to a life of toil, suffering and death. Thus our entire existence in an imperfect, unsavory world, is the result of one big lie.

But, we do not see the damage caused by lies as the descendants of Adam and Eve. We do not see the hideous desires of Satan to further turn our lifelong condemnation to eternal damnation through more lies. Rather, it is the opposite. The Bible story does not end with the fall of Adam and Eve, but reveals God’s plan to redeem all of us and bring us back to paradise despite Satan’s lies. He gives us life in this world to repair and remove the stain of sin. But it must be done by avoiding sin and without lies.

God did not create Adam and Eve with the intent that they would lie. He created them perfect with free will. He created them in his image and likeness; not as Gods, but with the goodness of God. It was only after they had committed sin through a lie, that they became capable of lies. It is not known that they ever lied, but we know their descendants do. In fact, it would be a lie to deny that today we are embroiled in a world of deceit, deception and lies.

So Why Do We Lie?

I remember, as a child, being told, that George Washington never told a lie. That expression was a lie. There would be no way to prove that true. It is a lie that became common knowledge. Making a statement that something is true without knowing it is true but is widely accepted is a lie. I really believed that he cut down a cherry tree and told the truth about it as the story goes. I think that people passed that around to add to the positive feelings about George Washington and to discourage young people from telling lies

Another reason people lie is to gain an advantage. A person can be caused to believe or obey the wishes of the liar. If a person says he accomplished something that he did not, he gains the advantage of making you think better of him. If a person tells you something happened that didn’t happen, you may react in a way that gives you an undesirable result thus serving the liars needs. I’ve experienced many times where someone claims something happened only to find out it was a deliberate lie. When I tell someone else, they look at me as if it may be me who is the liar. Of course, we are all liars. It is unfortunate today that lies are told and people just accept it. Lying is expected.

Will It Ever Get Better?

The truth about lies is that the first sin was committed because of a lie. We are told the story of suffering and death beginning because of a lie the Bible states. All lies are created by someone to gain favor or advantage over another. All sin is committed beginning with a lie. Lies are a commonplace part of our daily lives. Our world today is embroiled in mistrust and deceit because of lies. The devil wishes us never to reach salvation. He works through lies to defeat God’s plan for us. It is our task to defeat the devil with God’s truth. This brings us to the final question; Will our world end someday for the same reason that it began? Or, will we overcome lies to end suffering and death when Christ returns?

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